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BGM Clear Seal - Natural History/Cherry Shell

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BGM Clear Seal - Natural History/Cherry Shell

Discover the endless possibilities with our Clear Seal stickers from the Natural History Collection. These remarkable stickers are designed to elevate your creative projects and bring a touch of nature's beauty to your endeavors.

What is a clear seal sticker? A clear seal is a type of adhesive sticker or label that is transparent or semi-transparent in appearance. Clear seals are designed for various purposes, including decoration, sealing, and labeling. They are typically made from materials like PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or other clear synthetic materials, which allow for visibility through the sticker to some extent.

Here are the BGM Clear Seals - Natural History Collection:

  • Natural History/Aoba: Enrich your creations with the vibrant greenery of Aoba, perfect for decorating notebooks, planners, and letters.
  • Natural History/Kaneha: Add delicate and intricate patterns to your projects with Kaneha, suitable for a wide range of artistic applications.
  • Natural History/Butterfly Dream: Create a dreamy atmosphere with Butterfly Dream, ideal for giving your items an ethereal touch.
  • Natural History/Koicho: Koicho offers timeless and graceful designs that work beautifully in various artistic contexts.
  • Natural History/Aogai: Dive into the ocean-inspired beauty of Aogai, perfect for embellishing smaller items and personalizing your possessions.
  • Natural History/Cherry Shell: Capture the essence of cherry blossoms with Cherry Shell, a great choice for adding elegance to your projects.
  • Natural History/Genya: Infuse an air of mystique into your creations with Genya, suitable for a wide range of artistic expressions.
  • Natural History/Genmu: Let your creativity run wild with the mesmerizing patterns of Genmu, perfect for adding depth to your projects.

    Clear Seal stickers from the Natural History Collection are designed to inspire and enhance your creative pursuits. Whether you're personalizing notebooks, sending heartfelt letters, or adding a unique touch to smaller items, these stickers are your versatile companions.

    Indulge in the beauty of nature's finest with Clear Seal - Natural History Collection. Explore the variants and bring a touch of natural wonder to your creative endeavors!

    Brand BGM
    Product Type Clear Seal
    Material  PET
    Content 10 designs x 3 / 30 sheets
    Design Natural History/ Cherry Shell