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BGM Sealing Seal: Phantom Flower - Yellow

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BGM Sealing Seal: Phantom Flower -  Yellow

Welcome to the enchanting world of BGM Sealing Seal - Phantom Flower. These sealing seals are more than just adhesive stickers; they're a statement of style and sophistication. Crafted by BGM, a brand renowned for its charming and aesthetic designs in stationery and lifestyle goods, this product is here to add a touch of elegance to your creative endeavors.

What is a Sealing Seal? A sealing seal, like the Phantom Flower series, also known simply as a "seal" or a "letter seal," is a decorative adhesive sticker or emblem that is used to enhance the visual appeal of the closure of a letter or envelope. These seals are typically applied to the flap or closure of an envelope and serve both a functional and aesthetic purpose.

Phantom Flower Variants:

- Phantom Flower - Dark Blue: Exuding an air of mystery and elegance, the Dark Blue Phantom Flower variant features a deep, rich hue and intricate design, perfect for adding sophistication to your envelopes and letters.

- Phantom Flower - Red: The Red Phantom Flower variant is a symbol of passion and vibrancy. With its striking crimson hue and delicate details, it infuses your correspondence with a touch of romance.

- Phantom Flower - Tea: For a serene and calming aesthetic, the Tea Phantom Flower variant is the perfect choice. Its gentle, earthy tones and intricate patterns create an aura of tranquility.

- Phantom Flower - Purple: Add a regal touch to your letters with the Purple Phantom Flower variant, featuring royal hues and elegant designs.

- Phantom Flower - Yellow: Infuse your envelopes with sunshine and positivity using the Yellow Phantom Flower variant, known for its cheerful and vibrant appearance.

- Phantom Flower - Pink: The Pink Phantom Flower variant brings a touch of sweetness and charm to your letters with its lovely pink hues and intricate patterns.

- Phantom Flower - Green: Embrace nature's beauty and growth with the Green Phantom Flower variant, featuring soothing green tones and delicate designs.

- Phantom Flower - Blue: Introducing the serene and tranquil Blue Phantom Flower variant, with its calming blue tones and intricate patterns, it adds a sense of peaceful elegance to your envelopes and letters.

Each set includes a delightful variety of 18 pieces, featuring 9 unique patterns, each included twice. This means you have ample choices to suit different occasions and messages, all wrapped up in the Phantom Flower's captivating aesthetic.

Whether you're sending a heartfelt letter, an invitation to a special event, or simply want to add a touch of refinement to your stationery, BGM Sealing Seal - Phantom Flower in Dark Blue is the perfect choice. Explore the variants, choose your favorites, and make a lasting impression with every seal. Elevate your stationery game today!

Brand BGM
Product Type Sealing Seal

Phantom Flower



Content 18 pieces
 -9 patterns x 2 pieces
Pattern Phantom Flower -  Yellow