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BGM Clear Tape - Blooming Flowers

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BGM Clear Tape - Blooming Flowers

This is BGM Clear Tape - Blooming Flowers, a tape designed to bring the beauty of blossoms to your creative projects.

💮 Key Features:

  • Floral Transparency: Elevate your creations with the enchanting patterns of "BGM Clear Tape - Blooming Flowers." Crafted from transparent PET material, this tape allows you to infuse the beauty of blooming flowers while maintaining clarity. Ideal for embellishing paper, glass, and plastic products.

  • Versatile Application: With a 5mm width, this tape is perfect for various creative projects. Its transparent nature makes it suitable for layering, providing a unique and floral touch to your designs on a wide range of materials.

  • Convenient Size: Packaged in a compact W50 x H5 x D56mm, this clear tape is easy to carry and store, ensuring that you can add a touch of floral elegance to your projects wherever inspiration strikes.

  • PET Material Advantage: Made from PET, this tape offers durability and flexibility, ensuring longevity and ease of use for all your artistic ventures.

🌸 Endless Possibilities:

  • Perfect for scrapbooking, gift wrapping, journaling, and DIY projects.
  • Adheres seamlessly to glass and plastic, expanding its creative applications. Let the beauty of blossoms bloom in your creations with "BGM Clear Tape - Blooming Flowers"!
    Brand BGM
    Product Type
    Clear Tape
    Blooming Flowers
    5mm x 5m
    Packaging Dimensions
    W50 x H5 x D56mm
    Craftsmanship Japanese quality and design