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BGM Tracing Paper Seal: Nordic Knitting - Yellow

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BGM Tracing Paper Seal: Nordic Knitting - Yellow

This is BGM Tracing Paper Seal: Nordic Knitting - Yellow, a delightful collection of tracing paper stickers that brings the warmth of Nordic knitting to your creative projects.

🧶 Key Features:

  • Nordic Knitting Designs: Infuse your creations with the cozy charm of "BGM Tracing Paper Seal: Nordic Knitting - Yellow." This set showcases 15 different Nordic knitting-themed designs, each thoughtfully crafted to evoke warmth and style.

  • Tracing Paper Elegance: Crafted with high-quality tracing paper, these stickers offer a stylish and delicate touch to your projects. The translucent nature of tracing paper allows for beautiful layering, enabling you to combine different colors for a unique and sophisticated effect.

  • Convenient Size: Packaged in a compact W90 x H100 x D3mm, these tracing paper seals are easy to carry and store, providing you with a stylish solution for on-the-go decorating.

Endless Possibilities:

  • Perfect for journaling, scrapbooking, card-making, and DIY projects.
  • Explore the art of layering with the translucent beauty of tracing paper.



    Brand BGM
    Product Type
    Tracing Paper Seal
    Collection Nordic Knitting
    Tracing paper/paper
    Set of 15 Nordic knitting-themed designs, each with 3 tracing paper stickers (45 sheets total)
    Dimensions W90 x H100 x D3mm