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KITTA Clear Tape - Flower Pieces

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KITTA Clear Tape Flower Pieces

These clear stickers have a design that is ideal for providing a touch of sophistication and refinement to a wide array of craft projects. Their versatility enables them to be utilized for decorating cards, journaling, invitations, gift wrapping, scrapbooks, and more. Additionally, the stickers are well-suited for designing school supplies, and household objects, including picture frames, glassware, and even furniture.

Their ease of application and capacity to be layered over other materials and patterns enables the creation of a fancy appearance. 

Regardless of your skill level, KITTA Clear Flower Pieces are a fantastic addition to any project. They supply a straightforward and refined approach for incorporating beauty and style into your DIY and craft projects.

Product Type Clear Tape
Material PET film
Number of Sheets 3 (10 sheets per design)
Number of designs  3
Design Flowers
Length 3.5 inches
Width 2.1 inches
Cover Size 55 x 91 mm (when folded)