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KITTA Soda Transparent Masking Tape (Sticker Type) - Palette

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KITTA Soda Transparent Masking Tape (Sticker Type) - Pallete

Introducing KITTA Soda Transparent Masking Tape - Sticker Type, featuring enchanting designs inspired by Palette, Zoo, Kitte, Hanakazari, Wildflower and Rolling Cat. Crafted from a plush and user-friendly film material, this transparent sticker tape ensures effortless application and a delightful creative experience.

Unleash your artistic flair and celebrate the allure of transparency with this versatile tape. Whether you're enhancing your notebooks, adding a special touch to gift wrapping, or embellishing glass or acrylic surfaces, these stickers are the ultimate choice for any project.

Each package boasts an ample assortment of 90 pieces, each adorned with a unique pattern waiting to be unveiled. With a 20mm tape width, these SODA transparent masking tape stickers are your go-to solution for effortlessly elevating your crafts and designs.

Elevate your creative pursuits with KITTA Soda Transparent Masking Tape (Sticker Type). Dive into a world of limitless design possibilities, decoration, and personalization today!


Effortless Personalization with our "Sticker Type"

Unlock your creative potential with the flexibility of our "Sticker Type" Kitta Soda Transparent Masking Tape. Peel off individual pieces like stickers to effortlessly customize and express your unique style.

With a 20mm width and crafted from a soft film material, this tape is the ideal choice for wrapping and decorating a wide range of surfaces. Elevate your crafting and design projects with the versatility of this transparent masking tape, allowing your imagination to run wild.


"Unlock Your Imagination with Mesmerizing Layered Tape Artistry"

Experience the brilliance of our tape, showcasing vivid hues and enduring transparency even when layered. Meticulously crafted from premium transparent film, it empowers you to fashion distinctive and enchanting decorations with effortless tape layering.

Enhance your creative endeavors by embracing the enchantment of transparency and an array of vibrant colors. Embark on a journey into the boundless realm of layered tape designs today!


Subtle Adhesion for Simple Application and Reusability

Our tape boasts a subtle adhesive quality, ensuring easy application and hassle-free removal. This gentle adhesion makes it the perfect companion for a multitude of creative undertakings, including crafting notebooks and embarking on DIY projects where you can explore unique decorations.

Whether you're in the midst of crafting, designing, or personalizing, our tape's repositionable nature guarantees a seamless and enjoyable experience. Dive into your creative endeavors with confidence, knowing you can easily adjust and experiment to achieve your desired results.


Flexible and Comfortable Film Material

Our tape is expertly crafted from a pliable and comfortable film material, offering unparalleled versatility. Its flexibility makes it a breeze to apply to curved surfaces, extending its usefulness well beyond the realms of notebooks and wrapping. Unlock a world of diverse decorating possibilities, making it the ultimate choice for all your creative endeavors.


Collection Soda Transparent Masking Tape (Sticker Type)
Product Type Washi Tape
Tape Width 20 mm
Sticker pieces 90 pieces