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KITTA Washi Tape Scene

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Unlike the traditional washi tapes, KITTA turns the washi tapesinto convenient 5cm sticker strips. These beautiful washi tapes can be carried around easily, you can just place it anywhere in your pocket, journal, pen case, or wallet!

Each set comes with 8 different designs, 10 sheets per design, printed with beautiful illustrations and patterns which are great for adorning your pages, outgoings, scrapbooks, decors and for many more occasions when you would like to add a little extra touch. You could also use them as labels, markers or index tab. This KITTA washi tape set comes in a compact matchbook-style booklet that can be folded into half, making it fit perfectly into a cases or cover pocket.

The tapes are also removable and re-stickable, so you can reuse the strips whenever you want.

Number of Sheets: 40 (10 sheets per design)
Type of Designs:4
Tape Size: 15 x 50 mm
Cover Size: 55 x 91 mm (when fold)