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KITTA Special Sticker - Nuance

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KITTA Washi Tape Sticker - Nuance

Kitta has released its newest special edition of stickers which features a postage stamp design. These sticker sheets are conveniently perforated and can be effortlessly peeled off to be placed anywhere you desire. Unlike traditional washi tape stickers that are sold in rolls, Kitta has designed this series of washi tapes to be portable. They are presented in a foldable pad and are already pre-cut for easy use. This special series includes a type with fluorescent ink, a holographic type, and stamp-style stickers.

Product Type Washi Tape
Material PET film
Number of Sheets 4 sheets
Number of designs  9
Design abstract
Length 3.5 inches
Width 2.1 inches
Cover Size 55 x 91 mm (when folded)