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Midori Clip Ruler Cat

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Thin ruler with template that can be clipped to notebooks and notebooks

"Clip ruler" that supports notebooks with three functions: bookmarker, ruler, and template. As it is very thin at 0.3mm, it does not get in the way when turning pages or writing.

It can be used as an index by sandwiching it between pages, and it can measure up to 10 cm in length as a ruler. Made of slim and durable brass. The stylish design makes the most of the texture of metal, so it can be used by both men and women. Guide slits that allow straight lines to be drawn at regular intervals of 5 mm / 7 mm are convenient for adding ruled lines of the same length!

* When using the template, use a ballpoint pen or mechanical pencil with a core of 0.5 mm or less.

Cats in various poses make your notebook lively. You can easily draw cats in various poses and decorate your notebook or notebook lively. Home and cup icons are useful for writing down appointments. You can also enjoy arrangements such as writing down the cat's facial expression and writing down the mood of the day.

Size (Package) // H203 × W65 × D2mm
Size (Body) // H140.5 × W34 × D1.5mm
Material // Brass

Note: The brass material will darken and develop a unique patina over time, giving it an antique, vintage feel.