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Midori Paintable Stamp Pre-inked Exercise

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A stamp that can be painted or coloured from above.

MIDORI Paintable Stamp that allows you to press fine patterns neatly, paint from above and write records and messages. Easy to store them, simply stacked and stored. The square is easy to press and can be pressed about 1,000 times. If the ink becomes thin, it can be refilled.

Since it is an oil-based ink, it will not bleed even if you apply a colour with a water-based marker on the stamp you have pressed. You can enjoy the decoration by pressing it on your notebook, diary or sticky notes, painting it to your liking.

"Sticky Notes Pickable" >> (sold separately) , you can make your own original sticky notes and arrange them in a fun way. "Sticky Notes Pickable" is a set of three types of paper: high-quality paper, kraft paper, and tracing paper, so you can use the paper according to your needs.

* Please enjoy stamping on high-quality paper and kraft paper. Tracing paper can't be pressed because it repels ink.



Size (package) // H160 × W85 × D20mm
Size (body) // H61 × W61 × D19mm
Material (body) // ABS
Material (stamp surface) // PE