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Midori Sticker 2392 Season Food

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$4.20 USD

"Seasonal" stickers that you can peel off and feel the four seasons with plants and food

The "seasonal seal" is a sticker that you can feel the four seasons at a glance by simply pasting it on the monthly block schedule. You can use it not only for monthly blocks but also for weekly pages and diaries.

"Food pattern" is full of foods of the four seasons and seasonal features on one sheet. You can feel the four seasons even more by attaching it to your notebook, diary, or calendar.

Since it is perforated and can be divided into two up and down, you can carry as much as you need. Since it is a re-peelable seal, it can be easily re-attached.

Content // 1 piece (137 pieces)
Material // Made of PET film
Package Size // H180×W89×D1mm
Remark // Perforation that can cut the seal mount into half size