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Midori Sticky Notes Journal Free Meal

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Bullet journals make it easy to get started

It is a bullet bullet that has a strong image such as "Difficult and must be written neatly", which is the best sticker for the introduction to bullet journals, but by using the sticker of the basic format, anyone can easily start bullet bullets can do. The mount is a bookmark type and can be used by sandwiching it in a notebook. It also has an index, so it is convenient to put it on the page you want to open.

"Daily log" with a journal , 7 patterns from Monday to Sunday. It can be used for daily log of 1 page per day and weekly log of 1 week spread. You can date and customize your diary. Since the glue surface is taken at about 70% of the sticker, it sticks firmly and is hard to peel off. The color and design make it easy to read even when writing letters.

Content // 7 patterns - from Monday to Sunday x 10 pieces (70 pieces)
Package Size // H156×W50×D1.5-4mm