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Midori Foil Transfer Sticker - Kitchen

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Midori Foil Transfer Sticker - Kitchen

The Midori Foil Transfer Sticker - Kitchen is a sticker that can be used to create gold foil decorations with just a little extra effort. When rubbed with light force, it becomes one with the paper as if it were painted. Since no bumps are created at all, it will look as if it has been foil-stamped with gold from the beginning. 

These transfer stickers are easy to use and can be applied to a variety of surfaces, including kitchen containers, jars, and even kitchen appliances.

It is an elegant and functional foil sticker designed to bring a touch of style to your kitchen items. These stickers feature a variety of kitchen-inspired designs, including utensils, food items, and cooking tools, all rendered in eye-catching metallic foil.

As this product is very delicate, there may be slight individual differences depending on the pattern. 

More designs are available here.

Brand Midori
Product Type Sticker
Material Evaporated foil + Paste
Packaging Size H180 x W90 x D1mm
Weight 8g