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Midori XS Stationery Kit Blue

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With a special case! A very small stationery 6-item set. Recommended as a gift

The world's smallest class stationery "XS" set in a special> The "XS Stationery Kit" is a very small stationery "XS" series with scissors, stapler, correction tape, tape paste, cutter, and measure all 6 items in a special case. The stationery of the "XS" series is small and functional. Despite its compact size, it can be used in private or office with a feeling of use that compares favorably with regular-sized stationery. It's a practical and compact stationery kit, so it's also recommended as a small gift for your hard working friends, mothers and fathers.

A special case that fits exactly 6 items.
Special case for "XS" with a simple and colon-shaped form. 6 items of "XS" will fit neatly. It's easy to lose track of where to put stationery items that you rarely use, but if you put them in a case, you can quickly take them out when you need them, and they won't scatter. When you use it on the go, it's very easy because you just put it in the bag with the case.


*The product in the photo below is "white". The set contents are the same color as the case.

Storing the blade with one touch! Very small scissors.

Can be folded and stored! Compact stapler.

The smallest correction tape in the world.

Stick to the tape! Very small tape glue.

A palm-sized cutter that is both right-handed and left-handed.

Very convenient to have one! Small measure.

Content // Black Case for XS, Scissors, Stapler, Correction Tape, Tape Paste, Cutter, Measure <1.5m>
Material // PU & PET
Package Size // H171×W106×D24mm
Body Size // H82×W105×D36mm