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MT Tape

MT EX Washi Tape Iro Enpitsu Border

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$2.60 USD

MT EX Washi Tape Iro Enpitsu Border

The MT EX Washi Tape Iro Enpitsu Border is a stylish decorative tape that features a sleek and modern design with colorful pencil stripes. Made from high-quality washi paper, this tape is durable, easy to use, and can be easily torn by hand or cut with scissors to the desired length.

The tape is 15mm wide and comes in a roll of 7 meters, making it ideal for a wide range of crafting projects, such as scrapbooking, journaling, card making, and more. The unique pencil stripe design and bold color scheme make this tape perfect for adding a touch of creativity and sophistication to any project.

This versatile tape is perfect for adding borders, creating patterns, or simply adding a pop of color to your projects. It is also easy to remove and reposition, making it a great choice for decorating walls, furniture, and other surfaces.

Brand MT
Product Type Washi Tape
Series MT EX
Material Japanese Paper
Length 15mm
Width 7mm