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MT Tape

MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Kapitza

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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Kapitza 

Kapitza is the creative studio of sisters Petra and Nicole Kapitza, who share a passion for colour, patterns, mathematics and nature.

The studio is collaborating with a wide range of international brands across the worlds of fashion, interiors, cosmetics, product design and publishing.

Their clients include Comme des arcons, Gucci, Clinique, USPS, TeNeues and IKEA.

Kapitza have gained a global following for their innovative pattern art books which showcase their bold, colorful artworks.

These artworks are the result of the studio’s ongoing experimental research into geometric shapes and mathematic formulas as well as organic structures found in nature and mark making.

Together with their intelligent conceptual colour language this defines the unique style of Kapitza’s art.

The publication of Kapitza’s Geometric book in 2008 sparked a resurgence of geometric art in fashion, interiors, and illustration, but the intelligence of their patterns and unique use of colour is unsurpassed.

Design Message

"The Kapitza ‘100 Flowers’ Collection for the 100th anniversary of KAMOI KAKOSHI features four exclusively designed flower tapes that can be combined in different ways to create unique floral arrangements."

Our inspiration

"Flower bouquets are a popular gift to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries around the world.

With our happy collection of colourful and beautiful flowers representing joy, pleasure, and thankfulness we would like to celebrate this special occasion with KAMOI KAKOSHI and everyone around the world."

4 types, 1 roll each (box package)

Brand MT Tape
Product Type Washi Tape
Series MT 100th Anniversary Set
Material Japanese Paper
Sizes 15mm x 7m
Weight 16g