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MT Tape

MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Mina Perhonen

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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Mina Perhonen 

A brand established in 1995 by designer Akira Minagawa.

It depicts illustrations from observations of society and poetic sentiments for nature and has uniquely designed textiles such as fabrics, prints, and embroidery.

In recent years the brand has been active making designs that are a part of everyday life, starting with clothes and including furniture, tableware, and direction for stores and hotel spaces.

Thae brand’s main exhibits include “Mina Perhonen / Minagawa Akira TSUZUKU”.

Design Message

The three patterns are "swing camellia," which is an image of a camellia in bloom as if dancing, "ballade," which is an image of a flower peeking out while waiting for the snowmelt, and "tambourine," which is a signature pattern of Mina Perhonen.

The tapes of yellow and blue are named "light" and "wave," with a wish that will be with you in your light-filled days.

5 types, 1 roll each (box package)

Brand MT Tape
Product Type Washi Tape
Series MT 100th Anniversary Set
Material Japanese Paper
Sizes 3, 9, 20, 25mm x 7m
Weight 16g