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MT Tape

MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Sou・Sou

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MT Tape 100th Anniversary Sets - Sou・Sou 

A Kyoto brand that makes textile designs that vividly express Japan’s four seasons and atmosphere.

Expands craftmanship that is close to the modern lifestyle while actively using traditional materials and techniques, based on concept of “creating a new Japanese culture”.

They manufacture and sell a wide variety of items such as jikatabi, traditional Japanese clothing, Japanese confectionery and furniture and the like.

They have widened their possibilities for textile design in Japan through a collaboration with companies in various fields.

Established in 2002 by Katsuji Wakisaka (textile designer), Hisanobu Tsujimura (architect), and Takeshi Wakabayashi (producer).

Design Message

"The theme is "profusion of flowers" and the 100th anniversary is represented by the SOU-SOU 20th anniversary pattern "SO-SU-U HARE".

The tape set is designed with SOU-SOU's unique pop flowers blooming in anticipation of future development."

4 types, 1 roll each (box package)

Brand MT Tape
Product Type Washi Tape
Series MT 100th Anniversary Set
Material Japanese Paper
Tape Sizes width 10, 15, 20mm x 3m
Weight 16g