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MT Tape

MT Kaku Kaku "Write And Draw" Washi Tape - Mocha

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MT Kaku Kaku "Write And Draw" Washi Tape - Mocha

The "KakuKaku" tape is named after a combination of the words "write" (書<) and "draw" (描<) in Japanese because it can be written with any type of writing material. 

The distinguishing characteristics of "KakuKaku" tapes focus on their user-friendly surface that accommodates various writing tools including 

  • • water-based
  • • oil-based pens
  • • pencils
  • • mechanical pencils
  • • highlighters
  • • crayons

  • This attribute is made possible by the special coating on the tape's surface. It also features a wide width for easy writing.


    Brand MT
    Product Type Washi Tape
    Series MT x Write And Draw
    Collection MT Spring 2023
    Material Japanese Paper
    Color Mocha
    Pattern Plain
    Length 7m
    Width 20mm
    Weight 6g