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Midori Sticker 2557 Health Sleep

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A notebook sticker that you can easily enjoy according to your purpose and scene

It is a sticker that can be pasted and peeled off to decorate the margins and dates of notebooks in a fun way. You can put them on top of each other in a line to decorate the margins and headings of the memo page.

"Healthy sleep pattern" is designed with the theme of sleep, dreams, and night, and you will be healed by the expressions of sleeping cats and sheep ♪ Please use it for sleeping records and relaxing time at night.

Since it can be divided into upper and lower parts with perforations, you can carry as much as you need. Since it is a re-peelable sticker, it is easy to reattach.

Material // Made of PET film
Package Size // H180×W89×D1mm
Remarks // Perforated to separate the sticker mount in half size